Salon Express

Salon provides various services related to Spa, salon and fitness centers. This application provides that all of your technology needs in a single package. Your team members from the front desk to centre managers to corporate staff like marketing and finance heads work seamlessly together. A single dashboard of metrics informs the entire organization, and shared across locations to address business issues proactively.

This Application provides supports multiple location for multiple branches through centralized server. And this provide the functionality like :-

  • If we add any new service or modified service from any branch then it can reflect in their all perspective branches
  • From any branch if any customer get added then it can be accessible from any respective branches/li>
Salient Features Of The App

In our application we provide the facility to customer that if customer used any service like hair colouring hair cutting, styling or do any treatment like keratin treatment, Rebounding treatment and that service or treatment is remain stay for any particular period or time so after particular periods it should have to give alert message or notification that if you want to re treatment again or you want to do advance treatment related to that previous treatment. So, you can visit at a same branch or cus tomer will get nearest branch locations detail so according to that customer can visit a particular branch. In this section the computer have automatically raise the notification or message to customer.

Customers will get message before one week of the irnormal treatment period
According to that customer will visit same branch or nearest branch.
Also customers get message of any combo offer for their particular treatment.