Swagrama is a web and mobile application that aims to provide a platform for natural therapy, organic products, treatment, rehabilitation, food mall facility, community activity, event scheduling, enrolling, and registering beneficiaries. The application is designed for users who are interested in leading a healthier and more balanced lifestyle through the use of natural and holistic methods.

Additionally, Swagrama aims to create a self-sufficient village that is connected to its cultural roots and produces natural organic crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers, medicinal plants, and more. The project also aims to serve as a learning center for the traditional Indian science of health, including Ayurveda and Yoga, and provide users with an experience of natural lifestyle guidance.

The intended users of Swagrama web app and mobile application are primarily the end-users or beneficiaries, who are seeking natural therapy. The beneficiaries can be individuals who are looking to improve their physical and mental health, those who are interested in learning about natural lifestyle guidance, or those who are seeking alternative treatment options.